Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Vowels Pack Give-away!

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I haven't done a give-away in a while, and since I'm so excited about my Working With Words Vowels Pack, I'd like to give this package away to one lucky reader!  This pack is perfect for Kindergarten, but because of all the visuals could also easily be used for Pre-K (Junior Kindergarten).  There are also many activities that would be appropriate for the beginning of Grade one!

Vowel work is so important because vowels are the glue that hold our words together!  I love showing the kids this by removing vowels from words we commonly spell and then trying to say/sound them out without the vowels!  The kids get a kick out of this since the words then don't make sense!  They quickly get it, we need vowels!  And some vowels sounds can be tricky!  I find it common that the 'e' and 'i' vowel sounds are mixed up, or harder to grasp, at this age.  Like with any other skill children are grasping, they need repeated exposure to that skill in order to solidify it.  This pack makes teaching vowels really easy!  In this Vowel Pack you can find:

Thirty word cards with corresponding pictures.

 Recording sheets for the various vowels alone, or a sorting sheet to work with all the vowel picture cards simultaneously.

A vowel song to the tune of Old McDonald, that can be made into a class big book.

CVC and CCVC puzzle picture cards to practise creating words.

Identifying and writing the middle (missing) vowel sound (beginner level activity), or writing the whole word through phonetic spellings.

Word cards for various vowel sounds (-at/-an, -en/-ed, -ig/-in, -op/-ot, -ug/-ut) and recording sheets to go along with them.

Vowel poems/posters...

Additional posters
A cut and paste vowel craft
Rhyming with Vowels
ABC order
Colorful sorting header cards
And more!

To enter this give-away simply leave a comment below about how you might use this pack.  The winner will be announced Friday evening, 9 pm.  It's also on sale, here, in my store for a limited time.
Good luck!


  1. This pack looks great! I'd use it in literacy centers and some of the pages look like they would work great for homework. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Lots of engaging activities! I would use it as centers for extra practice and reinforcement. Hope to be a lucky winner!

  3. Great pack! I would send these home as homework!

  4. Oh what a great giveaway! I would use this as center work for reinforcement as well as possibly a game during those 'lul' times prior to leaving for the day waiting for the bell to ring as a review.

  5. I would use this pack in reading groups and at my centers too! It looks great!

  6. I love this! I have some other phonics activities I use with my emerging readers during our word work time - this would be perfect!

    Mindful Rambles

  7. Hi! I am so behind with my emails! This pack looks great for My K class... It is adorable and sooooo useful!! Hope I'm not too late! Amy :)