Monday, 18 November 2013

We have a new classroom! (and a FREEBIE)

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The day finally arrived!  We moved into our new classroom...and we couldn't be happier!!!!
Construction finally ended and we got the go-ahead to move all of our centres into the class.  Moving day was exhausting, but oh SOOO worth it!  A few days later we got the okay to have the kids in, and the result was a whole lot of happy kids!  In our old (temporary) classroom we were squished, squashed, and squeezed together.  You turned around from one centre and you were in the next.  As teachers we are resourceful and creative and we learn how to make the best out of any situation and learning happens regardless of how much space we have, but it is so nice to have A LOT of space now!  The kids have discovered all of their old centres just in a new place in a new space.  The classroom is humongous, huge, massive...I've actually never been in such a large classroom and it's great!  The floors are super soft, made of some type of laminate (sponge feeling) surface.  I think they absorb sound!  Or maybe the kids have been super-quiet (like the first day of school all over again!).  Here we have it:
View of our 30 cubbies from the door.

Our word wall beside our writing centre.

Our centres board at the front of the classroom lets all the students know what centres are open at any given time.

View of the class from the door.

View opposite the cubbies wall.  We are waiting for shades.

View of the back corner.  My desk is huddled in the corner, because I never actually sit at it, with magnetic letters and words on the front.  This way it`s more than just a paper collector.

Our washroom (yeah, we have a washroom in the classroom).  I didn't get a picture of my guided reading table, but whoo-hoo I finally got one of those U-shaped tables too!

I'm big on math and mathematical language so here's our "Math Matters" Board.  Right now we've been working on measuring with non-standard units.  This board displays our work.

We took off our shoes and measured them with our snap cubes.  We took a picture of the kids with their shoe and their cubes and mounted them in the middle of the page.  I made two little recording sheets for our responses.  The JK's just had to input their number while the SK's wrote the whole sentence.  Click the pictures below to get a copy of these recording sheets for this stinkin' cute (no pun intended) measurement activity.

It`s on the 2nd page of the file.  Don`t ask!

This one is fine! Ha!

We are having a great time in our new room!  Can`t wait to share our BIG adventures with you soon!


  1. Looks great and very spacious. I hope you don't have 30 students in kindergarten. I love my U shaped table for small group instruction :-)

    1. Close! I have 27 students, with an Early Childhood Educator in the class with me as well. We are into a good routine now!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Love your room! :)