Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas (One Year Blogiversary FREEBIE!!!)

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Christmas break has officially started and thank goodness!  There has been an incredible ice storm around here.  I don't know that we would have made it to school, had school still been in.  It's beautiful and scary all at the same time.  The beautiful old trees are all snapping from the weight of the heavy ice!!!  One tree in the forest behind our house was completely up-rooted from the weight of the ice!  Oh my!!!  All the other trees look like weeping willows!

Because of this, I've been inside and have been quite productive!  I've made some new products, but first, I want to share with you a FREEBIE!!!  It has been a little over a year since I have started blogging and I have had so much fun and met so many new people, near and far!  I have known some people to have a big give-away on their blogiversary (is that a word?).  I love give-aways because you get a chance to win some amazing products from amazing bloggers, but I wanted to do something a little bit different.  In the spirit of giving this Christmas, I want everyone to get something, so I'm giving away my Monthly Thematic Word Cards as a FREEBIE for everyone!!!  I've done blog posts about how these cards are great in the morning so that the students can review key concepts that are being taught that month (click here to see that post), but really, these cards can be used for various things such as the title pages of thematic units or folders.  I hope these come in handy for a whole bunch of you!!!

I'm so happy and excited that I could share that FREEBIE with you.  I'm also very excited about the new products I've created.  My students love to write the room!  I made these Write the Room packages for the short vowel sounds a/e/i/o/u (the long vowel sets are on their way!).  I can't wait to use them in the new year!  If your kids love to write the room, check out the bundle pack below!

The various recording sheets allow students to think about their writing and practise reading new and familiar words, with various word patterns.

Well, tomorrow is Christmas eve and it's our nephew's birthday.  I'm pretty good with fondant but here I've tried my hand at icing (not my forte, but not bad for a first try at a cupcake cake!).  
Wishing everyone a great holiday with their loved ones!

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