Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Easter Crafts

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Here are some simple, but really beautiful ideas for last minute Easter crafts.

Stone Crosses
Materials Needed:
-tongue depressors
-clear glass beads (dollar store)
-purple ribbon
Students painted the crosses with light yellow, and glued the tongue depressors together in the cross formation.  They applied the clear stones with white school glue.

Water/Pop Bottle Baskets
Materials Needed:
-empty 2L pop or 1.5L water bottle
-tissue paper cut into squares
-glue/water solution
-podge (optional)
Empty bottles were cut open and the bottom was left for the base of the basket.  A strip was cut from the middle of the bottle for the handle of the basket.  Students adhered tissue squares all over the baskets in overlapping formations.  We podged the finished baskets to make them shine.

Stained Glass Crosses (made with pasta)
Materials Needed:
-dried lasagna
-sparkles (optional)
-white glue
-cardstock for cross
-Podge (optional)
Students painted the lasagna different colors after we talked about the various colors they saw at church in the stained glass windows. We put sparkles onto the wet paint and it dried on the lasagna, giving it a glittery shine. The kids broke the lasagna into various sizes and applied them with white glue to the cross template.  We podged them for a glossy finish.

Happy Easter!

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