Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Time to Graduate (and Mother's Day)

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Our Graduation got pushed one week earlier!  Eeek!  We are in full swing now with finishing up crafts and learning all our songs and corresponding actions.  We are desperately trying to find time to practice on the stage in the gym (since we are performing around the same time as our School Spring Concert!), and everyone seems to need the gym at the same time!  

I just had to share how these Graduation self portraits came out because I just LOVE each and every one of them!  I am so impressed with how the kids were able to identify their special features and display them through this art activity!  We had so much fun as a class trying to guess the identity of each of our classmates (the name is not written on the front).  The kids were so good at distinguishing one friend from the next, depending on the color of hair, color of eyes, special features (like glasses), or way the hair is parted.  I just had to show each one because I love them all!

The kids wrote what they want to be when they grow up and drew a picture beneath.  Here is a close-up!

 Here is another Graduation craft we did for our "Garden Theme" this year.  I love that parents can look back and remember how small their child's hands were when they celebrated this special time!

These ideas and so many more are included in my Graduation Unit that I've done with my teaching partner, Alessia Albanese.  Click the picture below to take you there.  It has everything you need to throw a Graduation that parents will remember always!

It's been so busy, I didn't write about Mother's Day.  We went our for a lovely lunch at the Banquet Hall where we celebrated our wedding reception, years ago!

I was gifted with 'tea' towels and a tea pot card.  Now if I can just find some time to relax and have that pot of tea...

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