Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Rainbow Fish

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School is almost out!  The washing of the toys is almost done and ready for next years group of students, it's hot and amidst plays and performances, assemblies and Play-Days, we're trying to maintain some scheduling and routine.  How are we doing that?  By doing some fun, but still educational activities.  Earlier in the year we read Shel Silverstein's 'The Giving Tree.'  We read this story during Lent to remind us that happiness comes from giving, not from receiving.  We just recently read Marcus Pfister's "The Rainbow Fish."  When I mentioned that this story reminded me of another story we had read together, the students were quick to point out the stories, and how they were alike.  We discussed times we had shared and given to others, and how that made us feel (happy, proud).  We also talked about other qualities we like in a friend, and that if you want to have friends - you have to be a good friend.  We used our pencils to draw our own rainbow fish.  We traced them with permanent markers and used water-colours to paint our fish.  They turned out so well!

I love how, although each student made a Rainbow Fish, each one is unique and special, just like the kids in my class!  This has been our first year with Full-Day Kindergarten, and we will be keeping our JK students into SK.  Since it is a two year developmental program, the students will remain with the same teacher for the whole duration of the program.  I am so excited to see them continue to develop and grow next year.  Our SK's are so ready to move on to Grade One, and we will miss them dearly!  Wishing everyone a great summer!


  1. Your rainbow fish are adorable! I LOVE that you had the kids draw the fish themselves. Great idea!
    Camp Kindergarten

    1. Thanks Jody! We spoke about the different shapes we could use for the body, fins, lips, etc., and the kids did a great job!