Friday, 22 March 2013

Palm Sunday, Easter and a Freebie

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This weekend is Palm Sunday.  We read the most touching book about this special day called The Donkey That No One Could Ride by Anthony DeStefano.  This book was a lovely gift from my lunch supervisor.
  It is about a donkey who is born weak and frail who discovers that he is destined to do great things despite his physical limitations.  He is chosen by Jesus to carry him into Jerusalem.  Through Jesus, he is given strength to make the journey and is proud that he has been chosen for this special role.  This book reminds us that our faith gives us strength even in the most difficult times, and to always believe that God is with us through our lives.
"My help is enough;
It's all that you need.
It's all you require in life to succeed.
The weaker you are,
The more strength I give.
I'll be there to help you
As long as you live.
I know you feel tired and frightened and broken,
But do you believe
These words that I've spoken?
Do you believe-I ask you again.
Do you have faith
I can heal you, my friend?"

We made our own palms by attaching green strips of construction paper to manilla tag in a 'V' formation.
"Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!"

Our volunteer in Kindergarten, Ms. Josie, made these wooly lambs with paper plates and about 1000 cotton balls with all the Senior Kindergarten students. 

Our prayer for new life:
Thank you for the new life around us and especially for giving us JESUS.  
The decorative design on the cross is made with a marble.  We placed the brown construction paper cross in a plastic bin.  We added a marble that was covered in paint and rolled the marble around to create the decorative paint effect.  This was done with 3 different colors.  

We are super 'egg'cited for our egg hunt and are all ready with our baskets!  These baskets are eco-friendly and were made with empty 2L pop bottles.  The bottles were cut so as to just leave the bottom of the bottle.  An extra strip of plastic was cut to form the handle, and stapled in place.  We used equal parts glue/water to stick various colors of tissue paper onto the basket.  It looks so pretty when the light shines on it!  We added podge for a glossy finish!  I originally got this idea when I did Co-operative Education in a grade 2 class when I was still in high school!  

Here is our Easter card.  This idea is from my teaching partner, Alessia Albanese.
"This little chick is hatching to say
Happy Easter to you today."

I wanted to leave you with a little Easter FREEBIE, so here are some Easter stamping pages.  Your students can stamp to make words or to make and complete sentences, allowing you to differentiate instruction based on the needs of your students.  It does not contain any religious reference so it is appropriate for Catholic or Public Schools.  I hope some of you will be able to use it this week!  Click the picture below to get your free copy.



  1. Ann-Marie: Wow! What a nice story book. I teach in a public school so I couldn't read it to my kids, but I think I'm going to buy it for my nephew. Thank you so much for sharing!

    If you have a second, please come over and check out my blog. I just put up a habitat freebie.

    Your latest follower,

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT
    Teaching with Sight

  2. There are so many books about Easter, but it was difficult to find one on Palm Sunday. It really is a beautiful story. I would recommend it to anyone. Sharon, you are an inspiration! I am the newest follower on your blog!

    Ann-Marie Parisi