Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Child of the Day

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I wanted to tell you about an affirmation program we do which honors the uniqueness of each child while engaging the students in various aspects of language development - it's called Child of the Day.  We do it every Friday and the kids just LOVE it!  I have to remind them to be patient, and that they will all eventually get a turn to be the Child of the Day because they all want a chance!  I originally got this idea from a now Grade one teacher at our school, Mrs. Commisso, who used to do this activity when she taught Kindies at her previous school board, and have shared it with my Kindergarten division.  It has been modified over the years, but the idea - we are all unique and special, is the same.  I have been doing Child of the Day since I started in Kindergarten and would like to share it with you!

Child of the Day encompasses these parts:

1.  Name Work
All students begin by standing.  Each letter of the Child of the Day’s name is cut up and turned over (blank side showing) on a pocket chart.  Turn one letter over at a time.  If the children standing have that letter in their name, they remain standing, if not, they sit down.  Once sitting they cannot stand again.  Uncover one letter at a time until the last child remains standing (The Child of the Day!). 

On the pocket chart The Child of the Day then has to:
Make it- put their name in order
Say it-tell the class their name
Count it- count how many letters and tell the class
Clap it- clap how many syllables
Cheer it- ask the class for the letters in his/her name
“Give me a G” – Class responds “G!” (repeat for all letters of his/her name).  At the end the Child of the Day says “What does that spell?” and the class responds with his/her name.

The Child of the Day gets a special badge to wear and keep.  The badge is shown below.  A  piece of horizontal chart paper is folded inside the black construction paper cover.

2.   Asking and responding to questions
The class asks the Child of the Day questions to get to know him/her.  The Child of the Day answers in complete sentences.  Write his/her responses on chart paper (each in a different color).

3.   Writing Sentences
Each student in the class chooses one sentence to write about the Child of the Day in their own booklet.  They also draw a corresponding picture.  I use a simple scrapbook cut in half for the student workbooks.  I draw lines on each page.  You could also easily use a simple work book that already has the lines on the page.

At the end of the year each child in the class has a memory book with one special fact about all of their classmates.  I like to glue the Child of the Day’s cut up name to the front of the chart paper cover and send it home with the child to share with his/her family.

I have uploaded this activity to TPT if you would like to try it out with your class.  Click the picture below to take you to the download.  You will find all these instructions in the download, as well as students badges, title page cover, word work cards (say it, clap it, etc.) and more.  

I love to hear from you.  If you download, please leave a comment!

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