Wednesday, 27 February 2013


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February was heart healthy month, so we have been learning about Nutrition.  We have been discussing this topic since the beginning of the year in relation to our food choices (our snacks), but it was nice to go in-depth into the topic with our class activities.

We started out by sorting healthy and unhealthy foods.  We then learned about the different food groups and sorted by food group.

We went 'shopping' and put foods from the four food groups, that had been cut out of grocery flyers, into our carts.  The foods were mixed up and the kids had to sort by food group.  

At our pocket chart we identified various fruits and counted out sets to 10.

At the felt board the kids were also sorting food into different categories.  Here they sorted by healthy versus unhealthy foods.  Some foods were up for debate such as ice cream or pizza.  The kids knew that if these foods had too much sugar or oil, then they actually weren't that great for you. 

We also did the following activity from my Sight Word Read Along pack.

I hope you have a happy and healthy week!

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