Friday, 22 February 2013

Trace, Stamp, Color, Cut and Paste it, BUNDLE

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I have had some requests to bundle my thematic stamping packs, so here they are...
Okay, so first I had to learn how to bundle (yes, you probably already know how to do this and are laughing right now because it really is SO simple) but everything here in blog-land is a new experience for me.  I am SO not tech-savy and have always had my brother to rely on in the computer department at home, and Mr. P who trouble-shoots all our tech issues at school, but I can honestly say that it feels good to be able to learn new things on the computer and do them all on my own! 

So the great thing about the Stamping bundle is that I am in the process of making so many more thematic stamping packs.  Once the bundle is purchased, all new stamping packs will be available to you as I continue to update the product.  So...not only will you get the 10 stamping packs noted in the product description, but you will get all future thematic stamping packs (some that are on their way soon!) 

The kids in my class just LOVE stamping!  I hope your kids have as much fun stamping away, spelling and learning new vocabulary words, as mine do!  


  1. love to stamp and kids love stamp pads...
    who knew it was so easy?
    thanks for the ideas.

  2. Thanks for the comment Laura. I'm thinking the same thing...who knew? I dedicated a whole center to stamping once I saw how engaged the kids were!

  3. Oh. My. Word. Girl! This just went straight onto my wishlist! Fabulous!! How did you get so darn awesome!? Thanks so much for sharing :)


  4. Thanks Khrys! You're so sweet! You know I think you're absolutely awesome too!

  5. I love all the fun activities in this unit. Hoping to win it :)