Friday, 1 February 2013

Ground hog day, a Sale and a Giveaway

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This week was a short week for us since today (Friday) was a P.A. Day.  Today we dived into the topic of Proportional Reasoning, but this week with the kiddos we talked about Ground hog day.  I usually don't do a whole lot with Ground hog day because there is so much other stuff going on at this time in the year, but my teaching partner came up with the cutest activites in her Ground hog Day Pack!  In my School Board, team teaching is essential.  Teachers who work together teaching the same grade should be teaching the same topics with the same activities. 
Parents appreciate that their children are provided with the same educational activites and that they are learning the same things regardless of whose class they are in.  As a teacher it's great because we share our ideas and resources and learn so much from one another in the process of planning.  There are individual differences in teaching styles, but the activities are the same.  With that being said, here is our Ground hog day graph (the same as Alessia Albanese's!).

We predicted whether or not our local ground hog (Wiarton Willy) would see his shadow.  When I asked the kids why they predicted yes or no, they said it was because they wanted spring to come, or they wanted winter to stay.  I wish it were that easy!  Personally, I can't wait for Spring.

We then read Substitute Ground hog by Pat Miller and graphed who we thought would make a good substitute.  Their reasoning for choosing rabbit as a substitute was that the rabbit was used to small spaces in the ground, would pop up and stay up (unlike the squirrel in the book) and would be able to see his shadow.

We sang a little song and acted it out (tune:  I'm a Little Teapot):
Here's a little ground furry and brown
He's popping up to look around
If he sees his shadow, down he'll go
Then six more weeks of winter, oh no!

I've known this song for the longest time.  I'm not sure where it originates from.  If it is yours, please let me know so that I can give you credit.

I'm not a big football fan, but I am a huge fan of sales!  Who doesn't love getting a good deal?  So, I'm having a sale in my TPT store this February 3-4 to celebrate the Superbowl.  All my items will be 20% off and TPT will give an additional savings of 8% for a total of 28% off.  Stock up!  Thanks to Ashley Hughes for this great graphic.

I've finished my Valentine's Unit just in time for the big sale.  It has tons of Literacy and Math activites including rhyming, sight-words, pocket chart activites, CVC words, numeration before and after, counting by 5's and 10's, crafts and more.  Click on the picture to check it out.
I am going to be having a random draw to give away my Valentine's Unit.  One lucky winner will get this literacy and math pack.  Leave a comment below (and your email address!) if you would like a chance to win.  The winner will be announced Sunday (Superbowl) morning.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!


  1. Love your graphs! Would love to win your new Valentine's Unit!

  2. We had some fun with Mr. Groundhog this week too! I like the graph you did for the Substitute Groundhog. I'll have to tuck that idea away for next year! Thank you for the giveaway.

  3. Thanks for the opportunity.
    I would love a copy.

  4. I would love to get your Valentine's unit! If I don't win then I'm buying it....LOL! Thanks a bunch!
    BTW, I'm a fellow "Torontonian". ;)
    grace2u {at} rogers {dot} com

  5. i would be thrilled to be a winner. thanks for the opportunity to have your valentine pack.

  6. Oh, I hope I win!!

  7. I was just looking for some valentine activities, and these would be perfect! Thanks for the giveaway!


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  9. I love your idea of team teaching! Do you and the other teacher have a common planning time, which gives you time to collaborate? Unfortunately, with 6 kindergarten teachers we don't have a common planning time during the school day, which makes it hard to collaborate.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas!


    1. Hi Sarah, We do have some common planning time, but not all of our planning time is the same. The common time we have together does make it easier to plan, but we also often get-together on our lunch (if we don't have yard duty!).

  10. Love the looks of the new Valentine items! I sure would love to win them! Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas!


  11. The graphs are so cute and the song is adorable! Your Valentine unit looks awesome! Thanks for the chance to win! :o)

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