Saturday, 9 February 2013

Friendship and Syllable Clapping **FREEBIE**

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This week we talked about Friendship in anticipation of Valentine's Day.  
We sang and acted out this little song (from my retired teacher mom).

Friend, oh, friend how do you do?
Both my hands I give to you.
Round we go, round again,
Then I find another friend!

When they stopped at their new friend they had to tell them why they were a special friend.  I heard things like...You are my friend because you always share with me.  I like you because you tell me funny things.  I have fun with you when we run around at recess!

We wrote about our friends in our Journals.  Some of the students sounded out the names of their friends, but so many of them used the print around them (name cards, word wall...).  An updated template of this February page is in my Kindergarten Memory Book.
My friend is _____.  We play with word work.

My friend is _______.  We play at the writing centre.

My friend is _______.  We play with house centre.

My friend is _______.  We play sandbox.  

We made our Valentine's Cards for our families.  The little love bugs open up to reveal a cute little poem:
It begins with a grin,
It turns into a giggle
You start to laugh
Your legs start to wiggle
You look around for someone to hug
HOORAY!  You've caught the love bug!
Happy Valentine's Day!

(the students had to make the sides symmetrical)

We read Sam McBratney's Guess How Much I Love You and made this cute craft, explained in my Valentine's Day Math and Literacy Activities pack.

A few of my littles still require help with stringing letters together to form words, so I came up with this little Valentine's Day Syllable activity **freebie**.  Students will clap the word to segment how many syllables in the word, then use 'kid-writing' or phonetic spellings to write the word.  Clapping the syllables in the word first, will help them break down the word into smaller parts before writing it.  Click on the picture to get your free copy from my TPT store.

Well, I am getting ready for Spring, but I fear, Mr. Groundhog that you have made a terrible mistake in your prediction!  Are you sure Spring is coming?  I have never seen such a snowfall as I did yesterday!  It snowed ALL DAY!  I took a snow day since upon looking out my window there were already 2 cars stuck on the street, and it looked like a blizzard outside!

If you are also trying to get ready for Spring check out my Spring stamping pack (click the image!)  I'm working on a few more sets and then, since I have had some requests, I will bundle all the sets!


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