Friday, 15 February 2013

Valentine's Day

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It really has been a smorgasbord kind of week.  We've done a little bit of everything since this week had so much going on!  This week we celebrated Shrove (pancake) Tuesday, which is the last day before Lent. We talked about why we eat pancakes on this day.  During Lent we focus our hearts on Jesus.  Traditionally, Shrove Tuesday was a day to use up all the sweets in the house before Lent (a time of giving-up sweets and treats).  Instead of giving something up, we are focusing on how we can be more giving and loving with others.  We did this chart as a choral reading.

We celebrated Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent.  The kids wrote about their experiences, receiving a cross of ashes, in their journals.
"We get ashes on our head."

We celebrated Valentine's Day.  Here are our literacy centers.
Writing CVC words.  I don't know why my horizontal picture turns vertical!  

Unscrambling our sight words and writing them.

Color by Sight Word.

Finding pairs of rhyming words and recording them.  

Here are our math centers.
We've been counting orally by 10's, so here the kiddos are ordering the numbers by 10, and writing the numbers on their mats.  The kids then checked their work to make sure it was correct, with the self-check page.

Adding with sums to 10.  This was a new skill for us, and while many of the kids could 'count up' from the larger number, I also had counters/manipulatives at the table for the tactile learners.

Practising our number sequencing before and after with numbers to 20.

This was by far their favorite math center.  They loved measuring their body parts with the hearts!  

We made a class graph about our favorite Valentine's Treats and interpreted the results (more, less, same, middle values, etc.)

I hope your Valentine's week was as much fun as ours was!  Have a great Valentine's Weekend!

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