Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Valentine's Card

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Do you ever get the feeling you're going to need something so you keep it, although you're not sure what you may need it for?  That's what happens to me at the end of each year, as I go through the kid's containers of crayons.  I just can't bear to throw out ALL THESE CRAYONS, but really, they're just stubs, too short to colour with comfortably.  Now, this bag was FULL of bits of crayons before we started this craft!  By the end, the bag was empty!  It was so nice to put them to good use!  We made melted crayon hearts for valentine's day!  Here's what you need:
-old crayons (we didn't use black or brown)
-a heart mold (we got these tin baking molds at the dollar store)


This was such good fine-motor practise!  The kids were such troopers, peeling away!  At first, I heard a lot of "I can't do this!" or "This is so hard!" but after some initial assistance they got the hang of the peeling process in no time!  I would ask the kiddos, "Do you need help?" and they would respond, "No, I can do it!"  They peeled enough crayons to cover the bottom layer of the heart mold.

The kiddos did a great job colouring the front of the card!  Right in the center is where the heart mold goes.  The best part is that it's a functional crayon that can be used at home by the kids and their families.

We put the crayons heart molds into a preheated oven at 375 degress for about 15 minutes.  I waited until they had liquified completely, then I tood them out, gave the colours a swirl with a toothpick and set them on the counter to harden and cool.  I didn't take them out of the molds until the next day.

Here is the finished product!  The kids wrote Valentine greetings inside (and we inserted a cute picture of the kids too!)

If you would like to make the card above you can find a template for the front of the card if you click here.  There are two different spellings (colorful or colourful!).

Wishing everyone a colourful (or colorful!) Valentine's Day!

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