Thursday, 13 February 2014

You've Got Mail! (Valentine's Day Post Office)

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The kids get so excited when we change up our centres!  To celebrate Valentine's Day, my wonderful E.C.E. Mrs. Caruso changed our Dramatic Centre (which had always been called a House Centre prior to this year), into a Post Office.  The kids have been so busy writing, writing, writing!!!  They've been writing notes, cards, and letters to one another.  They've also been learning how to label envelopes.  They are learning to negotiate who will take on various roles within the post office (mail carrier, mail sorter, etc.) and it is SO NICE TO SEE them do all these things independently!  They are using classroom resources to enhance their writing (there is a thematic vocabulary board to refer to), and they are engaged and actively learning and being self-directed in their learning.

If you incorporate a Dramatic Centre into your Kindergarten classroom, I have made up a sign that you can use to help set the scene for your Valentine's Day Post Office!  Click the picture below to get your FREE copy!

My kids are having a great time with it, and I hope yours do too!

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